Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, Senior Pastor
Reid Temple AME Church

I became acquainted with Rev. Shonda Gladden when she joined Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church then located in Lanham, MD approximately 15 years ago. She was a quiet shy young lady with a zeal for witnessing about the goodness of the Lord. Rev. Shonda started out as a member of the choir but soon expanded her involvement both in the church and community. Because of her commitment and dedication she was elected to serve as a Youth leader, praise and worship leader, Steward, Commissioner and finally acknowledged her call in ministry. While serving in those capacities she modeled excellence in every area of ministry. I watched the evolution of Rev. Shonda from the shy, somewhat timid young girl into a bold witness for the Lord. After acknowledging the call upon her life, Rev. Shonda understood that there was a need for preparation. She vigorously sought after the Master's of Divinity Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary and graduated with distinction. However, the thirst for knowledge and education continued in the pursuit of the PhD from Garrett-Evangelical, where she is presently matriculating.  

Rev. Shonda has been endowed with a number of gifts. She can sing, pray, preach, lead, and organize. Her gifts make her an outstanding Christian in whatever she seeks to achieve. She has a passion for Young people and has served as the Youth Minister in one of our sister churches. Rev. Shonda's anointing has been a tremendous blessing to the Reid Temple congregation and the AME denomination at large. Our congregation is so much stronger because of her willingness to offer herself as a servant for the kingdom of God.   My prayers and best wishes are always before God on her behalf.

Glenda F. Hodges, PhD, JD, MDiv
Associate Hospital Director
Howard University Hospital

What an amazing gift to the body of Christ!  If you ever meet Rev. Shonda, I am certain that you will conclude similarly.  I have known her for more than a decade and I am certain that our life connection was God ordained.  As I observe the many gifts that have been bestowed upon her, I have become more aware of her humility and obvious desire to acknowledge the Lord in all her ways.  Her continued pursuit of academic excellence reminds me of some of the choices that I made in my own life.  As she continues to find her place and space in this journey of life, I am honored to watch her grow and glow. 
If you have never heard the name, Rev. Shonda Nicole Gladden, keep listening….her best is yet to come.


Rev. Nancy Childress, Pastor
Great Falls United Methodist Church

I first met Shonda when I served Mount Olivet UMC as Associate Pastor in Arlington, VA. Shonda served as our Worship Leader for our Contemporary Worship Service and skillfully integrated music that seamlessly tied the scripture and message together week in and week out. I then also was privileged to work with Shonda a second time when a Contemporary Worship service was begun at Great Falls, my current assignment.

When I was a young teen, I experienced an authenticity and pureness of heart in the African American church that I have longed to bring to the anglo congregations I have served (our Youth Director took us to visit various churches as part of our confirmations experience). I saw and heard in the voices of the people a deep love for Christ and what He had done for them. I heard honest praises and thankfulness for this gift and a willingness to remember that gift each and every day. This is the gift that Shonda brings to the worship experience. She is awesome, genuine and a Godly woman and yet, so approachable and attentive to the needs of those worshiping with her. She is destined to honor God in great ways.