When asked "what kind of energy do you bring to ministry?" My response was, "I try to embody authentic, Spirit-filled, intentional, and intelligent energy with every ministry assignment I engage.  I aim to engage the people and issues at the intersections of normative and new in a G-d honoring, Christ modeling, Spirit infusing, mindful way." 

The following statements are my humble attempts at enfleshing that energy thus far:

I believe in G-d, the Holy Other, who has created all that is.

I believe that all people are created equal.

I believe that all people are created by G-d 
to effect meaningful change in the world around them.

I believe that religion has been used in a multiplicity of ways throughout history, and that many of those ways have been destructive.  Accordingly, I believe that faith in G-d must be expressed in responsibly lived, life affirming relationships with the whole of creation.

I believe that humanity is called to maximize our G-d given gifts and talents to work in partnership with G-d to sustain the world around us; to help those in need, to protect the environment and to responsibly use (not abuse) natural resources.

I believe that gender, sexual identity, and racial-ethnic origin, while physiologically expressed, are steeped in social constructions that are too complex to exclusively define how people should be labeled and/or treated.

I believe we are all becoming who we will be through every lived experience and that the most becoming person is the one who is unafraid to own every aspect of their life's journey and to learn from it, grow from it, and teach others trying to overcome similar experiences that, in their own ways, they too are becoming.

From these beliefs, emanate my passion to responsibly own my journey and to empower others to do likewise.  This passion fuels the work to be and to help others to become whole, to embrace the uniqueness of self, and to effect meaningful change in the lives of others. I preach and teach out of the abundance of my own lived truths and invite others to do the same.



These are my personal beliefs and are not intended to convey any denominational or institutional stance on any particular issue.